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Product Description
To Soften the Blow is a powerful true story that will change the way you look at loss, stress, and trauma. At seven-years old Lynnie Vessels steps out of the bathtub to discover her father has just shot her mother with a shotgun across their dining room table. Literally standing naked in her mother’s blood throughout the ensuing horror, she is magically transported into the loving eyes of her younger sister. Simultaneously, her older sister uses words to convince her maniacal father to put down the gun. In those moments, the author comes to understand the miraculous power of eye contact and words. Going back into the second grade, she unknowingly suffers from severe posttraumatic stress. She remains silent about her ordeal until at fourteen she meets a principal who turns her life around. From there she sets out on a path to study the undeniable power of using eye contact and words in resolving conflicts. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The only demons are those running around in our own minds and that is where our battles must be fought.” This is no ordinary story of triumph over troubles. Lynnie Vessels details her battles with her demons in the most instructive way a book has yet to do. As a warrior replaces the victim in her, she comes to understand the spiritual implications of violence. Reading this, you will, too. Ironically, this is one of the most uplifting stories you may ever read.

To Soften the Blow is a true story that can change your life. Humans have always suffered, but rarely have we healed, at least not completely. As a seven year old, Lynnie Vessels lived through trauma more horrific than most of us have experienced in our worst nightmares. When her father shot her mother in their home, she was plunged overnight from a life of abuse into the private horror of living with severe posttraumatic stress. She had no one to help her heal. Lynnie cried for help the only way she knew how - by becoming a troublemaker. It was years before a principal finally took her aside, and turned her life around in twenty minutes. Her story, To Soften the Blow, can mark a turning point for you. Whether you have suffered a trauma, or merely feel occasionally overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life; man or woman, there is healing here for you. Many people have shared stories of triumph over adversities, but few, if any, have laid themselves completely bare. Ms. Vessels fully exposes her very personal journey, so that others may find their own way. Hers is not a dark journey; it’s a journey of inspiration. She found grace and miracles in the midst of horror, especially in the transformative, almost magical power, of eye contact and words. In To Soften the Blow, you will find the author’s fascinating roadmap to healing. May it be a beacon to your own.

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